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Mito(synthe)sis by CarrotxStuffing Mito(synthe)sis :iconcarrotxstuffing:CarrotxStuffing 1 0
I never needed anybody
I've set myself free.
Maybe I don't need anymore -
the redemption, the desire for closure
vanished in stardust rain
and words became empty, conceptless -
'you' -
then I looked at myself in the mirror
and saw who I've always wanted to be
slowly forming before my eyes.
To be her,
I don't need.
I've forgotten the discomfort
of loneliness
and embraced the peace
of being alone
needing nothing
seeing no one
except my own reflection
who smirks and winks
and says 'Look at you'.
And I'll never ask
"Does it hurt you to know that I'm okay?" -
I've known 'eternity' long enough,
'forever' long enough
to discover that language does not communicate
the triumph of
and 'hurt' is just another costume for
into the endless pool
healing fissures and faults
in its skin.
My face is filling out.
Do you know what it's like to have stars in your eyes?
To exist inside and around yourself?

There was the girl
:iconcarrotxstuffing:CarrotxStuffing 1 0
Dance by CarrotxStuffing Dance :iconcarrotxstuffing:CarrotxStuffing 2 0 Loki Laufeyson by CarrotxStuffing Loki Laufeyson :iconcarrotxstuffing:CarrotxStuffing 8 5
a song
I am listening to love
until I crumble
chiming soft as heartbeats
but loud like sirens in my head
and harmonies are spread
over the earth's skin
skimming as the static
of unified souls hands and eyes
dance as we dance
clumsily, stumbling, stamping;
our feet are sore but
my hope is strong, finding
balance in temperate
climates, the furnace that
is the heart neither hot
nor cold, except in times when
I must speak soundwaves in
my sincerest apology;
I grow to meet your eyes
as all of me swells like
the ocean's majestic
tumult, lapping at your shore,
pulling, coaxing, wishing;
this nature of uncertainty
I can't control but
this time it's your view
I want to share
holding shells up
to our ears
hearing the same song
an endless ebb and flow;
standing on the shore
listening fade in and out and
loud soft loud soft loud soft...
:iconcarrotxstuffing:CarrotxStuffing 1 0
Weird sea creatures: sea urchin by CarrotxStuffing Weird sea creatures: sea urchin :iconcarrotxstuffing:CarrotxStuffing 5 0 Weird sea creatures: dumbo octopus by CarrotxStuffing Weird sea creatures: dumbo octopus :iconcarrotxstuffing:CarrotxStuffing 2 3 Emily by CarrotxStuffing Emily :iconcarrotxstuffing:CarrotxStuffing 1 3 Enda jardarinnar by CarrotxStuffing Enda jardarinnar :iconcarrotxstuffing:CarrotxStuffing 0 0 Epithets by CarrotxStuffing Epithets :iconcarrotxstuffing:CarrotxStuffing 1 0 Silk hands by CarrotxStuffing Silk hands :iconcarrotxstuffing:CarrotxStuffing 1 0 Little feet by CarrotxStuffing Little feet :iconcarrotxstuffing:CarrotxStuffing 1 0 Aaron by CarrotxStuffing Aaron :iconcarrotxstuffing:CarrotxStuffing 0 0 Burn by CarrotxStuffing Burn :iconcarrotxstuffing:CarrotxStuffing 1 0
The words of the voiceless
My (still mine, you say 'heart and soul', you say you're given over, I'm in the grass and the coldest winter, the window, is this you now?) heart's country, you, my darling (an uncomfortable word in my mouth),
It is six weeks now (the duration of our conception).
The last commitment is on the third of June (remember that day, I was crying, there was a lake and the sun set on autumn leaves, burnt red and blushing; nothing has changed) and then I'll be on my way. I think of it in five-day weeks. Those two days tacked on the end are nothing-days (a space of voicelessness).
I think of what you might be doing, or how you feel about where you are, what it feels like to be somewhere other than here (I felt it this afternoon, it was colder today and I transported myself, underneath my feet were cobblestones, the trees were restless in the wind, and the sun penetrated the clouds as it fell into the river; a wider expanse, the tall buildings, older). Do
:iconcarrotxstuffing:CarrotxStuffing 0 0
The Keeper
I am the keenest of eyes,
hawk-like jewels of jade-bronze.
I skim the sea's surface
as sky enfolds water,
freeing the stars, the moon
to cast spells upon
tiny lives, Poseidon's children;
I know not above
or below.
I am golden at night
and follow silver suns.
I chart the movements of
rain, wind, comets
exploding into stardust
the stratosphere dwelling.
Hazy motes of ash fall
and I shake all over.
I am patient; I take flight
when the sky shifts in sleep.
I am the crow without a nest
but I know my mother's cries.
I am messenger between
       earth fire water air
       carbon based organisms
My voice is silence,
my perception infinity -
I am
the light as it falls through me.
The birds circumnavigate
the journey of their keeper, but -
not above or below;
Diamond ocean blankets
cloak me as I rest.
I am found
in every world,
a child with ancient soul.
I breathe in
countless suns;
I expel nothing
:iconcarrotxstuffing:CarrotxStuffing 1 1

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My favourites are very schizophrenic.



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